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Ted Allen
Ted Allen
Bravo Personality

About the Speaker

Emmy-winning “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” Food and Wine Specialist. Author of the new cookbook “The Food You Want to Eat”

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Detailed Biography of Ted Allen

When it comes to taste, whether that taste refers to the flavor of a food or its style, no one knows it better than Ted Allen. As a writer and television personality, Ted Allen has forged a career out of finding having high quality for taste in every arena.


A native of the Midwest, Ted Allen loved food from an early age and married that love with his work as a journalist not long after receiving his master’s degree in journalism from New York University. From there, he began working as a restaurant critic for a chain of weekly community newspapers in the Chicago area. From there, he got a gig covering food, wine and lifestyle topics for Chicago Magazine and later Esquire Magazine.


In 2003, Ted Allen appearances received a big break when he joined the smash hit Bravo reality makeover show “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.” On the show, he held the responsibility of teaching the mean about food and wine as a gourmet expert. From there, his career continues to take off with Ted Allen speaker appearances in high demand. Among his television appearances since have been guest judge roles on both “Iron Chef America” and “Top Chef.” For PBS, he hosted a documentary called “Uncorked: Wine Made Simple.”


Today, Ted Allen is a popular host on The Food Network, which carries two of his television shows. In “Food Detectives,” he goes behind the scenes to learn more about how food is made, and in “Chopped,” he hosts and oversees chefs competing to win a cash prize.


While it may be too late to have the guys from “Queer Eye” come make over your life, you can still get some lessons in taste firsthand during a Ted Allen motivational speaking engagement or a Ted Allen keynote address. Contact Govivaspeakers.com, and we will handle all of the Ted Allen speaker appearance arrangements for you.

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