Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy Gaines

Winner of 3 Olympic Gold Medals in swimming at the 1984 Olympics.

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Rowdy Gaines won 3 Gold Medals in the 1984 Olympic Games in California. Since then he has become an analyst for ESPN and NBC Networks in covering swimming events.

The 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, proved to be a boon for swimmer Rowdy Gaines, who captured three Olympic gold medals during those games. Since that time, Rowdy Gaines appearances have included his role as a fundraiser for United States of America Swimming and a swimming analyst for broadcast networks NBC and ESPN.

Born in Winter Haven, Florida, Rowdy Gaines appearances in the pool as a competitive swimmer actually did not even take place until his junior year of high school, when he ran out of other sports to try. Rowdy Gaines appearances as a swimmer soon proved so effective that he earned himself a swimming scholarship to join the team at Auburn University. While swimming the Auburn University team, Rowdy Gaines appearances in the pool led to him holding 11 world records and becoming a five time champion in the NCAA.

The first Rowdy Gaines appearances were projected to take place at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games; however, the United States boycotted those games, and so Rowdy Gaines appearances as an Olympic competitor were delayed until the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. During those Olympic Games, Rowdy Gaines appearances in the pool resulted in winning three gold medals. Although he trained to compete in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, Rowdy Gaines speaker appearances took place instead as a television analyst for the sport.

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