Herman Edwards

Herman Edwards

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Herman Edwards is a well respected former NFL head coach for the N.Y. Jets & Kansas City Cheifs and is currently a football analyst and broadcaster.

When it comes to knowing football inside and out, Herman Edwards most certainly does thanks to spending a full decade as a cornerback in the National Football League before turning to coaching and subsequently providing analysis on ESPN.

Born in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, Herman Edwards appearances during college took place for San Diego State University. In 1977, the first Herman Edwards appearance in the National Football League took place with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also made Herman Eagles appearances for the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams before retiring and turning to coaching.

One Herman Edwards appearance you are unlikely to catch will be spotting the legendary coach and player at a Super Bowl. He vows not to watch the biggest game in all of the National Football League unless he is playing in it. Because of his obligations as a television analyst and commentator, there was one Herman Edwards appearance at the Super Bowl championship in 2010, but so far, that has been the only one throughout the course of his career.

A strong Herman Edwards endorsement exists for his religious faith. He is a practicing Roman Catholic. Another Herman Edwards endorsement came for Coors Light in an unofficial capacity when one of his trademark monologues was co-opted for a commercial. One prominent Herman Edwards endorsement has been issued for the Monterey Special Olympics, an organization he helps promote with every opportunity.

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