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Gage Edward is known as Jeff Lewis’ boyfriend and was featured in Barvo’s reality TV hit “Flipping Out”

As the longtime boyfriend of Jeff Lewis, the star of Bravo’s hit home reality television show “Flipping Out,” Gage Edward has been a new force on the show’s dynamic, pushing Jeff Lewis to expand his business while keeping the house flipper and interior designer sane.

Originally focused on house flipping, the hit Bravo reality show “Flipping Out” has transitioned along with star Jeff Lewis to focus more on his burgeoning and blossoming high end design services, which he now completes through his own firm, Jeff Lewis Designs. These Jeff Lewis speaker appearances as the central figure on “Flipping Out” had actually been taking place for four full seasons before the first Gage Edward speaker appearances were added to the mix. As the longtime boyfriend of Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward appearances on “Flipping Out” now occur in both that capacity and in a professional capacity as well by heading up the business development side of Jeff Lewis Designs. With aims of expanding the business to even greater heights, Gage Edward speaker appearances on “Flipping Out” have added a new dimension to an already thriving show. Within his role on the business development team and behind the scenes, Gage Edward speaker appearances often deal with important topics like branding, licensing, Jeff Lewis endorsements, Jeff Lewis speaker appearances and overall management of the business.

If you, like so many people, have found yourself addicted to both the drama and the beauty of the design work and house flipping on Bravo’s hit reality show “Flipping Out,” then you would surely love to hear any behind the scenes gossip courtesy of a Gage Edward motivational speaking engagement. To find out more about how you can make a Gage Edward keynote address happen at your event, give our experts here at a call, and we will be happy to serve as your Gage Edward booking agent.

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