David Rockwell

David Rockwell

Owner The Rockwell Group, Set Designer

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David Rockwell’s work can be found from Las Vegas to NYC and in movies, he is one of the most prominent architects and set designers of his time.

Over the years, David Rockwell has distinguished himself as one of the most prominent architects and set designers in the country with a strong list of well known architectural buildings and a long resume of film work to back up his reputation as an architectural genius.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, early David Rockwell appearances came in the world of theatre, which may be why the medium has had a lingering fascination for him. As the son of a vaudeville dancer who also did choreography, David Rockwell appearances on stage as a child in community theatre productions were not uncommon. After spending part of his childhood in New Jersey and Mexico, David Rockwell appearances as a trained architect took place after his schooling at both Syracuse University, from which he earned a bachelor of arts degree in architecture, and the Architectural Association of London.

Eventually, David Rockwell appearances as an architect gained such a following that he founded his own architecture and design firm, which is called The Rockwell Group. Under the banner of The Rockwell Group, David Rockwell appearances have been tied to the design and planning of a number of different projects, from hotels to hospitals to restaurants to musical theater sets to movie set design.

Whether you have stayed in one of the hotels David Rockwell designed, like the Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas or The W Union Square, or if you have just found yourself fascinated and fully immersed in the worlds he has created as the set designer of films like “Legally Blonde” and “Hairspray,” you would surely love to hear from this architectural genius first hand and find out what inspires him to keep creating during a David Rockwell motivational speaking engagement. To book a David Rockwell keynote address, contact our experts here at GovivaSpeakers.com, where we have all the necessary experiences and resources to serve as your David Rockwell booking agent.


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