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Chris Hyndman
Chris Hyndman
HGTV Personality

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Chris Hyndman - "Designer Guys", Discovery Home

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Detailed Biography of Chris Hyndman

Along with his longtime cohost and partner Steven Sabados, Chris Hyndman appearances have taken place on many different television programs throughout the years, and he continues to make a name for himself on Canadian television as a design expert and an engaging talk show host.


Born in Newfoundland in Canada, Chris Hyndman appearances on the design circuit began when he and Steven Sabados joined forces to create an event planning and set design company called The Sabados Group Incorporation. Soon, Chris Hyndman appearances as a set designer had gained so much popularity that he was soon making appearances as the set designers at large functions like magazine launch parties and on the sets of Much Music, the Canadian answer to MTV. When interior design became a bigger aspect of The Sabados Group business, soon, Chris Hyndman appearances were in demand on various interior design and home and garden television shows.


Once Chris Hyndman speaker appearances became the order of the day across the Canadian border in the United States, you could soon catch Chris Hyndman appearances on the HGTV show “Small Spaces” and the popular Discover Home Channel show “Designer Guys,” which ran for three seasons. The “Designer Guys” show was ultimately seen around the globe because of its popularity. Chris Hyndman appearances continued on television when he took up the hosting gigs on the shows “Design Rivals” and “So Chic with Steven and Chris.” Today, you can catch Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman speaker appearances on their afternoon talk show, which is called “Steven and Chris.”


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