Cal Ripken Jr.

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Cal Ripken Jr.
Cal Ripken Jr.
Broadcaster, Former MLB Player

About the Speaker

Former Short Stop and Third Baseman for the Baltimore Orioles; Holds the record for the most consecutive games played with 2,131; Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame; Baseball Analyst for TNT

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Detailed Biography of Cal Ripken Jr.

Move aside, Robert Downey Jr. The real “Iron Man” will always be baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. With 21 years at the Baltimore Orioles to his credit, Cal Ripken Jr. appearances on the field happened 2,131 consecutive times, which broke all-time great Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played, a record that had been set six decades earlier and that many thought would never be broken.


The Baltimore Orioles ran in Cal Ripken Jr.’s blood. His father, Cal Ripken Sr., had managed the team in the 1980s, and Ripken Jr. made his debut with the team as an alternating shortstop and third baseman in 1981. In his very first season, he added 28 home runs to his record and took home the title of the American League Rookie of the Year. As Ripken Jr. flourished under the management of his father, the Orioles continued to excel. Cal Ripken Jr. appearances on various award stages also continued to occur with a greater frequency, with the star winning two Golden Glove awards, eight Silver Slugger awards, two All-Star Game Most Valuable Player awards and two American League Most Valuable Player awards.


Today, Cal Ripken Jr. speaking engagements occur regularly on behalf of his company Ripken Baseball Inc. Together with his brother Bill, Ripken hopes to ignite the love of baseball in fans of all ages and all social classes with philanthropy work and by owning minor league teams, including the Aberdeen Iron Birds, the August Green Jackets and the Charlotte Stone Crabs.


Cal Ripken Jr. appearances on the diamond always motivated baseball fans during his career and continue to do so now. You can arrange for a Cal Ripken Jr. motivational keynote address for your own event by giving Govivaspeakers a call. We will contact Cal Ripken Jr.’s agents directly and create the appearance, endorsement or speaking engagement you want.

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